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    • “Santa Cruz is an easy company to work with, they make top quality equipment and we’re very satisfied with our connection with them over the years. I would use no other” Pat Rogers,
      EAG Tactical
    • “One of the companies I’ve had the best experience with and the longest-term experience with is Santa Cruz. I’ve been using their mounts in police vehicles for 25 years. I had the opportunity to work with them on several occasions outfitting new cars and retrofitting old cars. They make a very, very high quality product that they stand behind.” John Chapman,
      LMS Defense
    • “I’ve been working with police gunlocks for 24 years now, and I have never seen anything that’s as adaptable as this. I can run everything from an 870 to a differently configured M16, to an AK, to just about anything you can think of. So far it’s the only rack we’ve ever seen that we can fit everything from an Eotech, to a T1, to a Comp M4 from the Aimpoint line, and it will clear wherever your rack is. And again, just about any configuration of an AR-15, M16 or an M4 pattern weapon, you will be able to mount regardless of your accessories. The versatility is just unmatched. Just about anything you can think of will work with this system it is universal in nature, and it is the model SC-5 that we use and we couldn’t be happier.” Mike Jones,
      Alliance Police Deparment
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      Edmond Police Department
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    • “We currently use the SC-934-5-A gun racks in our cruisers.  I have used them for the last 5 years and we have never had a problem with this product.  I have worked with Johnny all this time and his professionalism is like their product and that is a lot to say about a company. I call them and the next day my product is usually shipped. I am happy with their product and service and will keep using them in the future.” Sgt. Merchant,
      Merrimack County Sheriffs Office


Santa Cruz Videos. Pat Rodgers, John Chapman, and Mike Jones talk about the Santa Cruz products they use. Video Gallery |

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